Product Review: Wow, Why Didn’t I Think of That?

Product: Wow! Why Didn’t I Think of That?: Over 100 Unique & Interesting Businesses to Jump Start Your Business Idea Brainstorm
Dimensions: Kindle book
Price: $2.99
Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon
Rating: 4.6/5

Millicent Perry, a successful business coach and personal friend, just published a kindle book that I am certain will help you launch a business by jump starting your business idea brainstorming. I am so very proud of Millicent as I am aware of her journey as an entrepreneur, wife, mother of two, and author. Millicent specializes in helping people launch and sustain new businesses, and she is very good at it. I wanted to feature this book on this website because it delivers everything she promises and the impact it has had on me creatively.

I am an advocate for life balance and love to introduce others to products that promote life balance. As you may be aware, many people work very long hours for money.  Many of these same people crave business ownership but don’t know what to do exactly or how to start. Starting a business could eventually supplement income, or create passive income and wealth for those who work too much. Typically, there is a greater return financially to work for yourself than it is to work for a company. In so many ways, there is also a greater chance of satisfaction, freedom, and time management.

Where to start? Get started with business idea brainstorming and this book will help you.



The title of this book is so appropriate.  I guarantee you will repeatedly say out loud, “WOW, Why didn’t I think of that,” or either you will say, “Wow, I can’t believe someone is making money doing that.” Since reading this book, I have come up with so many ideas to pursue as a business startup and ways to grow my business, not just for me, but for others in my life. I find myself recognizing more business opportunities now. When I’m having conversations, I am pointing out to people how “that thing” can be turned into a business.  So if you are looking for ideas, you should definitely read this book.

This book is a quick read, and it is humorous. Learning about the quirkiness of some of these businesses simply makes you laugh to discover that people will pay for almost anything. It also motivates you if you are looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity.

This book is filled with unique and interesting businesses. What you can clearly discover by reading about these businesses, is how someone just tweaked something small and was able to make money from that. Throughout the book, Millicent points out the thought process or presents a question that initiated the thought behind the business idea in order to get you thinking about how it applies in your life.

Although this seems to be classified as a business startup read, I would also place this in the innovation category. Innovation is when you can apply existing products to use in a different way that leads to a new product. By reading about the unique businesses she selected for this book, it opens your mind to many other possibilities that anyone can model; it invokes the innovation juices. You will be amazed by some of these business ideas. I wish I can share with you, but I don’t want to spoil it for you. You should check it out for yourself.

I am impressed that the author took the time to research 100 unique businesses to hammer home her point.  In addition to that, this book is direct and not filled with fluff. Information about each business may be one or two paragraphs long. However, there are links to these businesses where you can go off to dig around and learn more about them. Again, I give credit to the author for understanding and respecting the time of her audience.

I love the way the businesses are categorized based on major topics of interests. The Table of Contents have links to each section. I read the introduction and then skipped to the sections I was interested in first. Since they were so interesting, I then went back to the beginning and read about all the businesses. You are free to skip to the sections of your particular interests.

This book doesn’t teach you how to brainstorm. It present information to connect with your natural response to the ideas. So don’t expect a formal guide that instruct you how to brainstorm. You really don’t need that to stimulate your mind.

COST: Very inexpensive, less than the price of lunch, $2.99.

RATING: I love the way the book inspires entrepreneurial  thinking. Once you read it, you will be inspired to  discuss business opportunities. You may even launch a business, author a book, build a website,  promote a business, or make other entrepreneurial moves. Therefore, my personal rating for this product is 5 out of 5. I have found that the best place to purchase this planner is thru Amazon. The bottom line, this is a great resource that delivers exactly what it promises.

I would love to hear your thoughts around business ideas and business startup inspiration. Please leave a comment below or contact me.

8 Replies to “Product Review: Wow, Why Didn’t I Think of That?

  1. Hello! I think we are always looking for a place where inspiration will give us direction. I am so grateful you wrote this article. I am sure it will be so very useful in jump starting an innovative way to create, grow and progress for a business idea. Thank you, ariel

    1. Ariel, you are so very right. The world will be a better place if we all just shared our gifts and encouraged and support one another. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Nice to see a quality book for only $3! I’ll definitely have to grab a copy of this. Thanks for taking the time to review it for us!

  3. Wow, great review. Sounds like a great book, why didn’t I think of that? I all ready have an online business, however this book would be an interesting read anyway. Perhaps it would give me a fresh approach to what I’m doing now. I really appreciate this review. I have to buy a copy – lol.


    1. I will tell you Don, this book gave me so many ideas I had to narrow down what I would do first. That fresh approach I received was the being more open to take risks because that is exactly what all of those business owners decided to do. I wish you much success in your online business. Thanks for commenting.

  4. great review. I enjoy leanring new things everyday. This box is so inexpensive, like you said, less than the price of lunch. I just bookmarked your article. I will look into this some more. Thank you for sharing!

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