Product Reviews

The primary mission for this website is to advocate for work-life balance, more appropriately stated, life-work balance. There are far too many of us who place work above every other area in our lives. Shifting this balance or priority is important to sustain a healthy and happy life.

We are here on this earth for only a short time, and that time should be enjoyed with family and friends. Living should be a relevant and fulfilling experience in relationship with others. We serve humanity by sharing our talents and gifts through work, business, and community service, and nothing is wrong with that. We all want to be in a state when we enjoy all aspects of our lives, cheerfully and not begrudgingly .

There are many products and services available to help us create easier and more productive life experiences for us. Through review of these product and services, I want to introduce you to the ones that appear to be most beneficial. Being a hard worker, I know your time is often limited. I want to save you time by doing the research and sharing the results with you. By doing so, my prayer is that you obtain life-work balance, increase your productivity, free up time to relax, make you healthier, and create more happier and adventurous times.

How I Create My Reviews:

I will make you aware of products and services that could help you. My reviews will be thorough and will save you time. If I personally experience it, I will share that with you. Keep in mind that because industry says something is good or valuable, doesn’t mean it is good for you right now. Sometimes it is just about timing. However, if you have indeed tried the product, I would love to get your feedback so others can grow from it as well.


Do You Have a Product You Want Me to Review?

If there is a product that you heard about and you would like me to review it, please leave a comment and I will gladly create a review in the near future. If you want to feature a review on this website, contact me at, and we can make that happen. I want this to be a community of folks that support this mission to help one another create balance that will lead to happiness, adventure, and unforgettable memories.