Reverse Diabetes – Simple Instructions

What is Diabetes:

  • The body’s primary energy source is glucose from digested foods; glucose circulates in the blood and enter all cells and tissues
  • Insulin is a hormone produced by Beta cells in the pancreas moves the glucose out of the blood stream into the body tissue and cells so they can get energy… insulin is a doorway bonded to cells
  • Insulin-lack or insulin insensitivity, no longer able to move glucose to cells/tissues sufficiently, is Diabetes

Why Diabetes Exist:

  • Low nutrient foods
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Obesity

 Target: A1C = 5.7 or less

Goal: rid yourself of diabetes; reverse and eliminate it


  • Must attack holistically – mind, body, and spirit
  • Must envision and expect life without this disease; find the root and eliminate it
  • Must have an active lifestyle
  • Do not settle for or tolerate merely managing the disease and conventional medications
  • Food is your primary medicine
  • Sleep is your strength for the battle
  • Start your day on the good foot
  • Manage stress – music playlist, relax, develop an attitude to win
  • Love and celebrate everything about you
  • Forgive yourself and others continuously


  1. Limit processed food
  2. Limit carbs
  3. Eat high-nutrient rich food
  4. Increase green leafy vegetables
  5. Increase plant-based options
  6. Eat whole grains, gluten free
  7. Add Ceylon cinnamon, sage, oregano whenever you have an opportunity
  8. Intermittent Fast – eat within 12 hour period; stop eating for 12 hours to allow your body a break from digesting food
  9. Increase fiber – soluble fiber such as glucomannan, foods high in fiber
  10. Eat Anti-Inflammatory foods
  11. Add flaxseed, chia seeds
  12. Add extra-virgin olive oil, coconut oil
  13. Add turmeric w/black pepper
  14. Add Omega’s such as bone broth, wild caught fish, collagen


  • Discover activity that you enjoy
  • Walk – aim for 3,000 steps per day … 30 mins per day

Track Your Progress: Monitor your bloodwork

Water: drink room temperature


  • Vitamin D – 5000iu
  • Vitamin C – 1000mg
  • Omega 3s – Fish or flaxseed oil – 2-4g
  • Magnesium chelate – 400mg
  • Zinc – 15mg
  • Sea kelp (iodine) – 1g (chlorella, chlorophyll, spirulina)
  • Sea moss (Irish or Jamaican) – 1 tbsp. can be used to get your magnesium, zinc, iodine
  • B12 – if vegan or near vegan
  • Probiotic


Get the following vitamins and minerals from high nutrient foods, not supplements:

  • Chromium
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Selenium
  • Vitamin K


Supplements If Experiencing  Side Effects of Diabetes:

Neuropathy: Vitamin B complex – 50mg and B12 – 100-500mcg, Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) – 300-600mg

Eyes: Lutein – 6mg and Zeaxanthin – 0.3mg

Fungal diseases: – oil of oregano (1 gel tablet or 5 drops in H2O)


Special Care for Pancreas/Liver (teas or extracts):

  • Milk thistle
  • Dandelion root/leaf
  • Licorice root


Advanced Action: 

  • Intracellular cleansing – detox the body and effects of the disease; rid the body of toxins;
    • fasting (water, liquid, smoothies, fruit, raw food)
    • 7 – 14 days – take cleansing herbs (tea or capsule form)
    • Cleansing herb – contact for list
  • Revitalize – with electrical herbs, energy
    • Revitalizing herbs – contact for list


Plant-based proteins:
• Soy, tofu
• Beans
• Seeds
• Lentils
• Whole wheat
• Nuts
• Natural nut butter (almond, peanut, etc…)
• Brown rice, Black rice, or red rice
• Peas
• Green beans
• Chickpeas


Follow Dr. Sebi’s Nutritional Guide: For the rest of your life, choose alkaline, high nutrient foods

Dr. Sebi Alkaline Nutritional Guide

Dr. Sebi Alkaline Nutritional Guide
Dr. Sebi Alkaline Nutritional Guide

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