5 Things You Must Do To Stop Working Too Much

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Do you work too much? Is work interfering with your relationship with others? Do you choose to work overtime to complete tasks? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then read further about taking steps to stop working too much and overcome those workaholic tendencies.


1. Do some soul searching.

Do Some Soul Searching
Spend time daily in self-reflection.

Self-discovery and self-awareness are at the core of moving away from workaholic tendencies. Be willing to identify why you are working too much. What do you want to be remembered for and by whom? What will truly make you happy? Before you take action, it is important to know the Why because that will be the motivation to stay the course.

2. Commit to changing your beliefs.

Commit to change

More often than not, there are beliefs that you have formed about work which you need to challenge. People tend to think that not working is being unproductive or lazy. These limiting beliefs are defining your value and will have you spinning in a rat-race. Transform your thinking about work.

3. Set a plan and execute.

Set a plan and Execute

I will encourage you to seriously take steps to focus on self and ways to change your mindset. Until you tackle the first two steps, it will be very difficult to maintain a state of balance and joy. They are critical. This step is more tactical in that you should learn specific techniques that results in less time working. Personal organization resources and work-life balance resources will help with this.

4. Exercise nothingness.

exercise nothingness
Get use to this posture.

Do nothing. This is probably one of the hardest steps for a workaholic. It is an incredible feeling to think about nothing and to do nothing. Many workaholics do not experience this often. Your mind is an organ/mechanism that you can control. You can practice nothingness by taking period of time to only focus on breath. Meditation practices help significantly in this area, and it doesn’t have to be formal meditation either. Here’s a tip to try: at the top of every hour, close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Just focus on the breaths, do not think about anything. People tend to immediately think to be positive or even pray; but don’t even do that. Focus only on your breath. If a thought come to mind, repeat to yourself it is just a thought, and return your attention to breath. If you start here, you may find that time you spend gets longer. This simple practice works because it helps reinforce the concept that you are not your thoughts.

5. Get help.

Get help
An accountability partner.

If you fall in the category of working too much and you are overwhelmed about taking time to address this problem or area of change, consider getting a life coach to help you through the transformation. Chances are, if you have workaholic tendencies, doing things for self is not your priority. I would guess that holding yourself accountable is nonexistent; but accountability to others is a top priority. The quickest way to change is to have an accountability partner. A professional life coach is an ideal accountability partner. If you have questions or wish to discuss, email me at coachclaudette@youworktoomuch.com.

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6 Replies to “5 Things You Must Do To Stop Working Too Much

  1. Some great ideas for the workaholic! The problem is that most workaholics don’t see themselves as such, or they don’t want to change! Great idea about the life coach, someone to check you on your progress and keep you from falling back in to the pattern. Thanks for the info!

    1. Maria, you are absolutely correct. Acknowledgement is a key important step in the change process. Having support is usually an easier and quicker process to get to the goal. This site promote resources to help workaholics recognize the consequences of not making the change and hopefully inspires them to make the change. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Excellent post, and so necessary in our crazy world. One thing I think a lot of workaholics fail to understand is that working harder isn’t always working smarter. So many studies have shown that people with adequate breaks and vacation, and who consistently work shorter shifts, are more productive than those who devote 14 hours a day to their careers.

    I’m a reformed workaholic, and can never go back to that lifestyle. The rest of my life is too precious, and I want to experience the good stuff instead of being too busy for it.

  3. Great tips, Claudette! My experience has been that meditation actually helped to facilitate 1-3. Quieting the mind has a lot of benefits including a more organized and efficient mind. Changing our beliefs is probably the most difficult for most people and what keeps them right where they are. Do you have any tips on how to start this, especially when most aren’t even aware that they are holding onto these limiting beliefs?

    1. I agree with your statements. As a man thinketh, so is he. Transforming the mind to rid of limiting belief is very challenging. I believe it has to be an awareness and conscious process to formulate new beliefs, and a daily practice either spiritual or metaphysical to sustain them. I believe the best way to start the process is the answer the question “Who am I?”

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